Stomp Grate EZ Clean - The Do's and Don'ts

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Stomp Grate EZ Clean - The Do's and Don'ts

Is your boat starting to shudder and rev up? Are you losing power? Are you struggling to get on plane? The culprit is probably a blocked intake grate.

Here’s a few pointers to get you back on the water 

The proper way:

  1. Now that you’re aware your grate is blocked, get your boat to a safe, deep enough section of the waterway for you to safely stop.
  3. Have one of your boat occupants or yourself go to the back of the boat and open and close the EZ Clean by depressing the push bar. The most efficient way is to stand on the bar and push full weight in a downward motion. If there are stern rails on your boat, it is suggested to use them to steady yourself and eliminate the chances of falling or injury.
  4. If you had a blockage in your grate you will feel restriction when depressing the bar / EZ Clean mechanism.
  5. After 2-3 solid presses to the stomp bar you should feel some give, and the action of stepping on the bar will be easier (if not, continue until it feels clear)
  6. Restart your boat and you’re good to go!

Note - Although extremely efficient, sometimes grass or vegetation isn’t always cleared when using the EZ Clean, this would result in still having to manually clear the debris through the inspection hole


  1. Don’t leave your engine running. Doing so will allow all the trapped debris to go into your impeller, causing damage that the EZ Clean is there to protect
  2. Don’t use hammers or striking objects to hit the bar to force open the EZ Clean, doing so will just damage the bar, and you could hurt yourself


We have experienced the trials of manually clearing your intake which is all a part of jet boating. It only takes one time to regret not having an EZ Clean, that’s why all Outlaw Aluminum Boats have a QT-100 Built Heavy-Duty stomp grate standard with all our builds.

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Burnt Lake Motorsports are experts on the different types of Stomp Grate / Ez Clean for purchase, or installation. Give them a call today for more information on how to get optimal performance from your boat.