When not to make a wake

When not to make a wake

For us to continue to have the opportunity to freely share the rivers and lakes, we all need to respect the waterways we have and be conscious of the aftermath when you pass another boater or a parked boat(s) on the shore. One thing every boater needs to be conscious of is their wake.

Some common occurring issues are as follows:

  • Accelerated erosion to Shorelines and river banks can occur
  • Wildlife and their habitats can be disturbed
  • Swamping or capsizing of smaller vessels such as kayaks, canoes and tubes
  • Excessive waves for people using the shore such as swimmers and fisherman
  • Boats that are parked on shore can become unsecured and collide with each other causing some upset boat owners


  • You are parked along the side of a river among some of your fellow boaters on a nice afternoon. While enjoying a shore lunch with friends and family, a boat approaches and drives by slowly and too close to your investment, then circles back around and past again. The wake the person has created now has your boat trading colors with the one you are parked beside. Causing scratches, gouges, dents, water entering other boats, some coming untied, and worst of all… Bodily injury when trying to secure the now colliding vessels.

What you can do:

  • Be aware of your wake size. While operating your boat, check behind you and get familiar with the different wakes your boat creates
  • Give plenty of space when passing or overtaking other waterway users
  • Try not to drive too close to shore when travelling by parked boats
  • Slow down when coming in to park and give ample room between you and the next boats you’re parking beside
  • Always approach from downstream and tie off upstream from where you are parked

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