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Are you looking at getting into the mini boating scene? Are you a “Do-It Yourselfer”. Save yourself the frustrations of welding up a kit boat that you found on the internet, or having you buddy cut and form it or purchasing a welder with a spool gun…  The Eagle 12′ Sport hull come fully welded, buffed and cleaned up with 2 lifting strake’s installed on the bottom at 24″ spacing. The 56″ wide bottom with full tapered reverse chine and 15″ wide delta pad will get on step quicker, run in shallower water and honestly just work better all day long. The wider bottom is really what makes a jet boat work. Narrow boats will have greater spray coming  from under the hull that gets you wet and slows you down., and a narrow hull bottom simply will not support any payload and are not stable.  We always have a hull in stock.

Options available are: 1/2 keel upgrades, UHMW installation, Pump housings, fuel tanks, seats, parts kits, and custom work as well. Give us a call today!