Scent & Leader Holder

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The scent pliers and knife holder can hold 4 bottles of scent in either oval bottle or round bottle oval bottle width is 2.2” and round bottles with a diameter of 1.75”. The holder holds 2 knives and when combined with the leader holder attachment covers the knife blades fairly well in the back of the holder. The holder holds 2 either pliers or scissors or one of each. The holder also has a row of 5 holes that allow you to hang lures or jigs.

These accessories feature our accessory mounting system to allow mounting in three ways. These accessories can be mounted to the rail system by  using two of our part  1022 accessory mounts, or can be mounted directly to the vessel and be easily removed by using two of our hard accessory mounts part 1010-M. The third method would be to attach the accessory directly to the vessel.